This discursive art residency brings the gap between academia and the real word. It is a place for serious artists of rigor to step back from the Hustle and take time for experiment and research. Ideas, like people, sometimes need a second chance to find their groove. Give them three. Give them ten.

Currently sited in Edinburgh and St. Paul, we remain independent of any one institution nut intersect with many.

Our Mission

Five to nine practicing artists, both local Minneapolis (U.S.) and out-state, Edinburgh and International artists will come together in late mid-June through early August, taking up temporary work residence in a unique urban Minneapolis (and now rural/urban) Edinburgh space for the three-week duration.

All artists are asked to bring an open mind, an open heart, and some studio chops.

This is a time that is meant for the artists; they may use it simply to do research, or to collaborate with another resident in a new form, or to stir the beginnings of a new body of work.

When artists can find the time and space to even think about the possibility of doing a residency, which often artists have to pay for out-of-pocket, they are usually signed up for a particular time slot without regard to whom will be there at that same time.

We believe artists can thrive when given room and agency!

Ten Chances is not an escape, but an opportunity. In backing its experimental beta run, you are supporting a new residency paradigm as well as its potential influence on the greater contemporary art community.

The Program

Every artist receives a stipend, and travel funds if necessary, for their time. (This is based on a European model of economy, where artists receive incomes and commissions which are not solely based on market-value product.)